Europe in the summer

The best summer cities in Europe

Want to go on a trip to Europe this summer? That’s great! It’s the best season to visit Europe – that is, if you like warmer weather. Europe comes to life during summer, people are happier, there’s tons of outdoor cafes to enjoy, and everything just feels much more alive. Europe is a great destination because it’s easy to travel around countries and cities. You just need to hop on a bus, train, or take a short flight, and you’ll be in another country within a few hours. It’s convenient, fast, and so much fun!

Here are my take on the best summer cities in Europe. Hope you’ll get inspired!

Lisbon, Portugal

What’s so good about Lisbon is that there’s so much to do around the city as well. Although you should set some time for the city itself, you can always hop on a train or bus, and you’ll find yourself in some of Europe’s most beautiful beaches. Lisbon itself is a city filled with old charm, cobbled stoned streets, beautiful architecture and fun street art. It’s one of Europe’s most affordable capital cities to visit as well so you won’t have to worry about leaving with an empty wallet. Just go to a so-called “Tasca” and order an authentic Portuguese meal with a glass of wine. It doesn’t have to cost more than 5€! When you’ve become tired of walking up and down the hills of Lisbon, catch a train to Cascais, walk around in the small city and lay on one of many beaches in that area. It’s the perfect city getaway!

Stockholm, Sweden

Yes, Sweden does have a reputation of being one of the most expensive countries in the world and therefore, plenty of people skip it. Don’t be one of them! Stockholm is one of Europe’s most amazing capital cities and it’s especially charming during the summer. When the harsh winter months has passed, the Swedes try to spend all their time outside when they’re not working or studying. That’s when you’ll see Stockholm come to life, when the landscape turns green, and you can actually sit outside without freezing. It might be a bit more expensive than the rest of Europe, but there’s ways to travel there in a budget. Cook yourself, couchsurf, walk instead of taking transportation, and just try to be smart with your money. A lot of the sights in Stockholm are for free so take advantage of that.


You can’t make a list of the best European summer cities without including Paris, perhaps the capital city of Europe! Paris is a delight to visit no matter the season, but summer time is especially delightful. Try to come during the early summer months, or late, so you won’t have to walk around in the worst summer heat. Remember to pass by a few boulangeries and try some pastries in Paris – they’re the absolute tastiest in France and it’ll be hard for you to ever try other pastries after being in Paris.

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