Europe in the summer part 2

The best summer cities in Europe Part II

It’s time to cover other European cities that are especially pretty during the summer. If you’re traveling on a low budget and you’re interested in venturing out a bit of the “tourist trail”, you might be interested in this list. Take a look!

Kraków, Poland

Poland has long been on the list of one of the most budget friendly countries to travel to in Europe, and the country receives travelers from all over the world, every year. But Poland is not just famous for being cheap – it’s also one of the most historical, beautiful and fascinating countries to visit in Europe. Kraków is one of the best cities to visit in Poland thanks to its bohemian vibes, old architecture, and great food. You’ll have a blast visiting Kraków! Tickets are also usually cheap, depending on where you come from. Kraków is a well connected city and you can often find very affordable flights tickets to Kraków.

Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Probably the most underrated cities in Europe, Cluj-Napoca (also referred to as Cluj) lies in Transilvania, a region mostly known for Dracula. But Cluj is far from scary. It’s Romania’s treasure, with tons of bohemian cafés, music festivals, and student bars. In fact, it’s a big student city. But during summer, most students either go home or go abroad, so the city is a bit more calm during summer, making it ideal to visit. Romania is also known as one of the more budget friendly destinations in Europe and is even cheaper than Poland! So don’t miss out on this fantastic city when you’re on your Eurotrip.

Istanbul, Turkey

Forget about Antalya, it’s in Istanbul where the action happens! What makes Istanbul so interesting is that it’s so different from all other European cities, which makes sense since one part of Turkey lies in Asia. Istanbul is fun, exciting, different, and it’s quite cheap too! There are plenty of sights to see such as the mesmerizing Hagia Sofia and the Grand Bazaar. Don’t forget to taste the local food too, it’s one of the best in Europe!

Kiev, Ukraine

If you want good value for your money, Kiev is the place to go. It’s slowly becoming a more popular tourist destination in Europe, thanks to the cheap flights that goes there and the affordable prices in the country. The atmosphere in Kiev is cool, relaxed, fun, and welcoming. There’s also tons of street art to look at here in Kiev and public parks, for when you need to relax your feet and take a break from all the walking.

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